The results from my small spring break have been few.  Officially I still have until Saturday to get things done and do have a few plans for this week.

What I have accomplished:
I traced a skirt pattern but still need to get them back to their owner,and I located the 18th Century Stay pattern, but that's all I've done with it.

I did organize the sewing room area, which wasn't on the list but severely needed attention.  And in the near future have plans to relocate any upholstery fabrics from my fabric stash bins to a place where they will be less accessible BUT won't take up valuable easily accessible fabric storage space.  I need to to this because I have bought a few new fabrics in the past couple of weeks and because I have to sort through too many upholstery fabrics to find the fabrics I'm really looking for when I need them.  It will make my life easier and my house more organized, so that's the plan.

I have gotten some work on on my next Victorian, which is dubbed the B&W Victorian as in Black & White Victorian.  Love Black and White, especially together :).  I decided on and have mocked-up the bodice pattern and have determined that if I make no mistakes I should have enough of the fabric to make the bodice and the overskirt I had planned.  Hopefully I'll get those cut and sewn together in the next few days.  I'd like to get the skirt cut and sewn as well and be mostly finished with them by next Monday.  Though I expect little details (little details = lots of time) like buttonholes, buttons,  and trims to take little bit longer.  Since this is more of a day dress, I'll need to figure out a hat for it too!  Accessories are one of my favorite parts which I generally end up with not enough time for, hopefully this time will be different!
I had the chance to work on my recently neglected, new Victorian corset on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Progress has been very slow since the beginning of December.

Contributing to my lack of time:
 1. we bought a new Christmas tree and even put it up & decorated it!  I am happy we did *sigh*.
2. most birthday celebrations have been completed and enjoyed!
3. final is finished and I passed my class with an A!
4.most Christmas gifts have been bought

I placed grommets yesterday afternoon and after a break (my fingers were sore after putting grommets in) I cut & tipped bones, then tried the corset on.  The gap is wide, meaning the corset is too small, but I like the fit better than previous attempt at the Silverado! 

I thought I might be in the clear for running so behind, and that Twelfth Night might be cancelled, but I got some news about the Gala that makes me excited to go.  I have secured a back up dress (though it may need some adjusting) in the event I can't get things done in a speedy manner (the current headache in the background makes me less hopeful that I can). 

But...just in case I'm gonna plan a schedule for the next couple of weeks.
I started cutting the fabric for the front of my TV Grand Bustle yesterday.  The fabric is a sateen with a pattern and a border, so I tried to match the pattern where I could...but it was a challenge.   If I had more experience matching patterns it may not have been as difficult...the fabric I used was one I had in the stash (I have been hellbent on using stash fabrics where I can so I can buy more stash fabrics) and I liked the pattern & the border, so I'm happy with my fabric choice, though it did take more time than a solid would have.

That took most of the night, fiddling with matching patterns, then realizing for the side front pieces it wasn't going to work out exactly right, so I accepted it and frenched seamed the two side front pieces.  (There are 4 front pieces to this pattern).  Since I don't have very much of the above mentioned fabric (only 2.25 yards) and since the pattern would be wasted even if I did because it would be covered with ruffles, I am using a different fabric on the back side (I will be piecing the top part of the back with the patterned fabric so it won't look different.  I pressed the back fabric and thats when I quit for the night.

So far this pattern looks very simple and I don't think it should take me very long to finish it up.  That's only partially true because I'm adding lace to the ruffles and doing things that most people in a hurry wouldn't probably take time to do.  Yet, if I want lace on my ruffles I gotta do it now because it will be too late once it's all put together.

Also, I need to order hoopsteel and I hope I can remember to do that today.  I also need the ends, maybe some connectors in case I need them in the future, and grommets.

estimated work time (way longer than it would have taken if I hadn't futzed with matching patterns): approximately 4 hours