I had the chance to work on my recently neglected, new Victorian corset on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Progress has been very slow since the beginning of December.

Contributing to my lack of time:
 1. we bought a new Christmas tree and even put it up & decorated it!  I am happy we did *sigh*.
2. most birthday celebrations have been completed and enjoyed!
3. final is finished and I passed my class with an A!
4.most Christmas gifts have been bought

I placed grommets yesterday afternoon and after a break (my fingers were sore after putting grommets in) I cut & tipped bones, then tried the corset on.  The gap is wide, meaning the corset is too small, but I like the fit better than previous attempt at the Silverado! 

I thought I might be in the clear for running so behind, and that Twelfth Night might be cancelled, but I got some news about the Gala that makes me excited to go.  I have secured a back up dress (though it may need some adjusting) in the event I can't get things done in a speedy manner (the current headache in the background makes me less hopeful that I can). 

But...just in case I'm gonna plan a schedule for the next couple of weeks.
To Do:
bodice mock-up
Thursday (Christmas Eve)
bodice mock-up tweaking
Friday & Saturday - possible Christmas Celebration
(it's gonna snow and we may not get to go anywhere) Handsewing
cut bodice fabric & start sewing
Monday (possible fitting if needed)
cut petticoats
cut skirt
packing/preparing for Austin Vacation
Wed-Mon Austin Vacation 

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