This is my 3rd attempt at this post....wacky computers.  Not sure I have time to attempt this again if I fail this time.  Ugh!

We went out for the last day of the MN Ren Fest 2009 season yesterday and had a ball!  It rained for several days before, and though it looked like it would rain the entire time we were there yesterday, it didn't!

I thought about wearing my red velvet fantasy gown because I rarely get the opportunity to (it's generally too hot to wear to fest), but yesterday was cool enough that it would have been an option if it wasn't so muddy.  The dress has a train, so I thought better of it and wore my too short Venetian, which worked out well.
Surprisingly, I had no time to make the changes/additions I wanted to make for either of the dresses I had to choose from.  Brad and I spent all the time we had after running errands on Saturday working on his doublet.  Brad helped where he could, he cut out the sleeves and he was able to sew on all of his buttons too!  This took an hour and was a HUGE help since while he was doing that I worked on piping his tabs.  Even though I worked for around 10 hours on Saturday (ending at 3 am in frustration) I did 4 more hours of work on Sunday before we were ready to leave!  The doublet isn't even fully finished.

These shoulder "wings" (what are they called?) were a last minute effort to make it wearable, the fancy pants ones were being difficult, so I made a simple version.  A couple notes about the fit.  Brad said the waist ended up being too tight.  As you can see, his shirt peeked through half of the buttons at the bottom of the doublet.
There are two possible solutions, firstly I will let it out a little more, and if necessary, move the buttons over.  He also mentioned he felt the back was too tight as well.  We think that adding loops and buttons to the sleeve may help with this (the sleeves were pinned to the inside of the doublet, which would be more restricting).  We need to figure out if adding the loops and buttons will fix the issue before I start working on his other doublet.  The inside of the doublet needs to be finished as well, which I will wait to do until he wears it again after the fitting changes are made.  Brad is planning on wearing this to the VSA's Masquerade Ball on Halloween.

All in all we had a great year at the MNRF, maybe the best yet.  I'm going to share pictures of some things we've acquired at fest this year! 
I bought this handsome pirate bath boat for my baby nephew Vincent in hopes we'll get to see him for Christmas this year.  It won't sink because is balanced and is made very well so it should last him a long time and maybe he can give it to one of his babys when he gets older.  I'm tempted to try it out in myself our big tub when I have time to take a bath.
Firstly, blue silk pocket.  love.  I couldn't leave it there all alone, it's pretty, it's finished on the inside, and it means I don't have to make one (I don't have to, but I will eventually).  And, it was only $10!

Fairy house!  During the winter a candle will live in there too and we'll keep it inside.  It is questionable whether or not I'll put it in our garden in the spring, but there is a possibility.

Finally, the beautiful mermaid!  For the past couple of years Brad and I have found reasons to buy items at fest that will represent milestones in our lives.  Last year we bought a stained glass piece to hang in our picture window, for our first year in the house.  This year it's the mermaid, hanging in our master bath (which has a bit of a olde world, mythical ocean theme...Pirate, mermaids, old maps, treasure...) because it's our first year being married.  I don't know what our reason to buy anything will be next year...but I'm sure we'll find one!
Today has been kinda hard.  Work was more work than usual, but not bad...I'll be happy to be going home in the next half hour.  But I've been trying to get my homework done while I'm at work so I can do whatever I want when I get home, and it's not working out that well today.

Brad stayed home today because he wasn't feeling well.

But I'll recap my weekend of non-productiveness in the way of costuming.  Friday night I tried putting together my indian fancy pants and determined that they are so unflattering I don't want to spend more time anymore.  I might try futzing with them if I have extra time before the fest season ends, but for now I'm putting them away to focus on more pressing issues.

For Saturday I would like to put a guard on my skirt and repleat & reattach the skirt.  I'd also like to check the pattern of my sleeves and possibly make another pair as they're falling apart anyway.  I don't think I could get to a corded petticoat made by then, but I'd like to have that done as well.  That's all for now, the last 15 minutes of work usually passes very quickly and were at that point in the day!

I thought I'd have lots of time to get the little things I needed to get done for the first wearing at MNRF on Saturday done Thursday and Friday night.  Famous last words right.  It always works out to take alot longer than I think it will, so I have started preparing for that by priortizing and starting early.

It managed to catch up with me again on Friday of the 2ndary straps refused to be symmetrical to the other strap, so I spend an extra hour or two figuring out why, which pushed me behind in getting the skirt reattached.  I mangaged, it wasnt' perfect, but I did wear it out and will aim to get this done by the next time we go out in two weeks.

I also need to allow myself time to:
make pantaloons
line skirt
split skirt (my hem came undone on Saturday and on my way out I stepped on it and ripped the skirt (by happenstance, right in the center front). 
find stockings

Well, enough talk, let's see pictures! (My particular friend, Crystal, may have a picture of Mr. Vetter and I, though I have yet to see it, I hope to post it here soon.
Myself, Peggy Elizabeth, and Crystal (thanks to Brad for taking this lovely picture).  This was a particularly picturesque moment (I love when I notice these), sitting under the tree, with guitar music and singing in the air.  Peggy noticed or picture being taken several times, so apparently I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

Peggy's work can be seen on her website

and Crystal's at her blog,

More pictures to come!