The Pink Venetian
This dress' story starts long ago, 5 years ago really, back to when I was a young, new costumer.

It was 2004 when I attended my first Renaissance Festival, and I was hooked.  My friend said it perfectly when she described her own first trip to the Renaissance festival, she had always been a costumer, just never knew it until then.  Exactly! 
My first attempt at historical costuming was my peacock blue Venetian, and looking back, I can say I've come a long way.  I think 5 years from now I'll think the same thing about my work now :)

I did some Victorian sewing for a couple of years, and came back to the Renaissance in 2007 when I thought I'd be making out to the MNRF again and to take part in the Pink Venetian party that was happening at Costume College that year.  Though I didn't make it to CosCol that year, I made the dress in spirit of it. 

So far, this dress has had alot of reworking and I plan on doing more.
Here is a picture of the first wearing of this dress....You can see some issues here:
1.  The straps are slipping.  This is due to a lack of experience (at mocking up) in making my own patterns. 

2. the bodice is BIG here, making the V opening small.  This is not ideal for my tastes.

3.No Sleeves

4.  What sort of camica is that?  It's not, it's a chemise that I bought at Ren Fest a few years before and was forced to wear it because my camicia wasn't yet finished!

The next time I wore this dress was the Northstar VSA's Masquerade Ball.   
I took the dress in and made a pair of gold sleeves...this was my first pair of I didn't know where the proper placement for the loops was and because I was in a rush sewing the loops in the car on the way over (with someone else driving :P) I had to wear them wonky.

The 1st picture is from the first day of MNRF 2009.  In this picture, you can see that I've added trim to the front opening.  I did this to mask the fact that it was the trim strap that corrected the strap slipping issue.  This isn't intended to be a permanent fix, just a quick attractive fix so that I could wear the dress for fest.
the trim is correcting the strap slipping issue