I started cutting the fabric for the front of my TV Grand Bustle yesterday.  The fabric is a sateen with a pattern and a border, so I tried to match the pattern where I could...but it was a challenge.   If I had more experience matching patterns it may not have been as difficult...the fabric I used was one I had in the stash (I have been hellbent on using stash fabrics where I can so I can buy more stash fabrics) and I liked the pattern & the border, so I'm happy with my fabric choice, though it did take more time than a solid would have.

That took most of the night, fiddling with matching patterns, then realizing for the side front pieces it wasn't going to work out exactly right, so I accepted it and frenched seamed the two side front pieces.  (There are 4 front pieces to this pattern).  Since I don't have very much of the above mentioned fabric (only 2.25 yards) and since the pattern would be wasted even if I did because it would be covered with ruffles, I am using a different fabric on the back side (I will be piecing the top part of the back with the patterned fabric so it won't look different.  I pressed the back fabric and thats when I quit for the night.

So far this pattern looks very simple and I don't think it should take me very long to finish it up.  That's only partially true because I'm adding lace to the ruffles and doing things that most people in a hurry wouldn't probably take time to do.  Yet, if I want lace on my ruffles I gotta do it now because it will be too late once it's all put together.

Also, I need to order hoopsteel and I hope I can remember to do that today.  I also need the ends, maybe some connectors in case I need them in the future, and grommets.

estimated work time (way longer than it would have taken if I hadn't futzed with matching patterns): approximately 4 hours

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