Colorado was breathtaking.

No, really.  As soon as we were in our condo I could tell my body was reacting to the altitude.  But, it is also beautiful country!

Shortly after arriving to the Eagle airport, we were whisked away by a shuttle and dropped of at our temporary living quarters.

It was different than I expected.  When I think of ski lodges, I think of log cabins and Moose.  Maybe that's a Minnesota frame of mind, and unless you've visited or lived here you may not realize that log cabins are very Minnesota.  But even before having a "Minnesota frame of mind" I pictured ski lodges this way.  Maybe I'm thinking of old Newhart or Coach episodes.  Whatever the case, most of the architecture outside of Beaver Creek is what I'd called Southwestern Contemporary, a lovely surprise.  Sorry only mountain pics to share.
our view

Beaver Creek is modeled after a European Village, at least, that's what I'm told--I've never been to Europe.  I would then guess the style of the buildings in BC were also European inspired.

Brad and I went snow shoeing for the first time on Saturday.  It wasn't difficult unless we were on an incline, and that was mostly due to our own physical health and a little because we weren't completely used to the altitude yet.  There were some beautiful sights to be seen!
I'd love to go back someday, the company was great and the food was delicious...all in all a wonderful vacation.  But even though I love seeing new places one of my favorite parts of the trip is always coming home.