Today has been kinda hard.  Work was more work than usual, but not bad...I'll be happy to be going home in the next half hour.  But I've been trying to get my homework done while I'm at work so I can do whatever I want when I get home, and it's not working out that well today.

Brad stayed home today because he wasn't feeling well.

But I'll recap my weekend of non-productiveness in the way of costuming.  Friday night I tried putting together my indian fancy pants and determined that they are so unflattering I don't want to spend more time anymore.  I might try futzing with them if I have extra time before the fest season ends, but for now I'm putting them away to focus on more pressing issues.

For Saturday I would like to put a guard on my skirt and repleat & reattach the skirt.  I'd also like to check the pattern of my sleeves and possibly make another pair as they're falling apart anyway.  I don't think I could get to a corded petticoat made by then, but I'd like to have that done as well.  That's all for now, the last 15 minutes of work usually passes very quickly and were at that point in the day!


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