I thought I'd have lots of time to get the little things I needed to get done for the first wearing at MNRF on Saturday done Thursday and Friday night.  Famous last words right.  It always works out to take alot longer than I think it will, so I have started preparing for that by priortizing and starting early.

It managed to catch up with me again on Friday evening...one of the 2ndary straps refused to be symmetrical to the other strap, so I spend an extra hour or two figuring out why, which pushed me behind in getting the skirt reattached.  I mangaged, it wasnt' perfect, but I did wear it out and will aim to get this done by the next time we go out in two weeks.

I also need to allow myself time to:
make pantaloons
line skirt
split skirt (my hem came undone on Saturday and on my way out I stepped on it and ripped the skirt (by happenstance, right in the center front). 
find stockings

Well, enough talk, let's see pictures! (My particular friend, Crystal, may have a picture of Mr. Vetter and I, though I have yet to see it, I hope to post it here soon.
Myself, Peggy Elizabeth, and Crystal (thanks to Brad for taking this lovely picture).  This was a particularly picturesque moment (I love when I notice these), sitting under the tree, with guitar music and singing in the air.  Peggy noticed or picture being taken several times, so apparently I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

Peggy's work can be seen on her website www.uncommongatherings.com/RB&L.htm

and Crystal's at her blog, www.sonnetofthemoon.blogspot.com

More pictures to come!

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