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I met accidentallarue today, not for the first time, but the first time we had time to talk.  I don't think we even had enough time to talk because it seems like we had so much more to say!

Afterwards I ran to Mill End in Burnsville hoping to find more robins egg blue silk for a project.  I found a's not exactly the same, but I think it would work for trim, I also need to pick up the pieces I found at the ME in New Hope tomorrow if no one bought it up today.  Silk remnants are 4.99, and I've been lucky enough to find a few 2 yard pieces, but running around town for this 1 yard stuff is a pain...I'm afraid I will end up needing it for trim though, so I'm happy to get whatever I can find.  

AND after talking with Laura I am very motivated to start working on my Grand Bustle.  I heard the TV Pattern is better than the Laughing Moon 1870's bustle pattern.  I don't know if that's true or not, but I didn't want the train supporter on the LM pattern because I will not be wearing a train more often than I would, so I needed a bustle without it.  I hope the fabric I picked to use for it works out, as I only have a little of it and have to try to match the pattern, but its the color scheme I wanted so I'm gonna try it.

And I swore accidentallarue to sekricy, but I spilled the beans on the concept for my upcoming Victorian.  

Finally, Laura invited me to join her group of friends to a Steampunk Mystery party and I think I'm gonna take her up on the offer.  I have a few weeks to put together an outfit, and because I would like to flirt with Steampunk fashion more than I have I think it's a great idea to get in the scene to see if I like it or not.

I'm off to take an Economics exam...ugh.  If my score isn't acceptable I should study before my 2nd attempt (it's an online class and an online test), but I would really rather start cutting my bustle pieces...

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