Fantastic!  So yesterday, with all the stuff I have to do I was struck by the headache truck, and they gave me a whopper.  I tried the drugs that normally help me and they didn't so by the afternoon I went home two hours early.

I took some Tylenol Sinus and that helped straight that's when I got to work.  I cut the fabric pieces for Brad's cloak collar, put that together and attached it to the neckline...I still need to finish the neckline off, but I can do the handsewing in the car on the way somewhere...probably tomorrow morning on the way to set-up.  I found a trim in the stash that will work for the cloak, but after pressing it and attaching the collar, I think it looks pretty dapper as is...we will add the trim when we decide whether or not to switch out the lining.

I got my sleeve pattern adjusted and I hope I like the way the sleeves fit when there done because they're almost to that point.  I also painted my mask, which took several coats of paint, so it's a good thing I remembered to start that last night.  I decided against the gold because one of the decorations I'd like to put on it for this wearing is gold and I didn't want to detract from that.  So I went with pearlized white, which is another good "neutral" for masks.

I guess that's all I got done besides running out to Party City to buy the last BIG Skull they had...:D  I should take a picture of where it's sitting in the house right now because I'm amused.  You see, I like to decorate our house in themes...even if they are subtle...themes (even costume themes) help me to come up with ideas and stay cohesive.  Anyway, one theme I thought would be fun for our living room (which is in the lower level of our house) is the Dungeon.  One, because it is in the lower level of our house...and two because Brad collects dragons, we have alot of dragon stuff, and we could use it down here...he also collects swords that would allow us to display them, and because I like Renaissance & Medieval decor it could all work...So I put the giant humanesque skull on our entertainment center, and it looks cool, but I don't think I could leave it up there all the time, dungeon or not!

estimated work time: 4 hours

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