on fabric swatch:

I got out of work early yesterday and since I've been talking so much about costumes for the Masquerade ball, I've been thinking of my own.  Last week I posted some ideas I had for making my wedding dress a "costume" to wear to this ball.

Since then in talking with friends, I really like "the ghost" idea Debbie has offered, and am rethinking using red for the underbust corset and instead something more the color of my dress.  The above fabric is a great upholstry fabric I've found, with a damask pattern, as you can see, in gold, black and white.  I wanted something that was more cream colored, but I think this will work with my dress, though I'm not sure it's exactly what I want.

Also, I think I will be "beading" the dress (not sure I want to fully reveal my ideas now) and adding some "lace" as well. 
On fabrics:
look very closely at that white cotton!  I only found 2 & 3/4 yards of this yesterday.  It has what looks like strawberries embroidered on it, one big strawberry and a tiny one too!  Very sweet.  Not sure what this will turn into yet, but it's always nice to have fabric on hand for a chemise, shift, or shirt.

The other, colorful embroidered fabric caught my eye because for the past couple of days I have been thinking I need a corded petticoat for the Venetian.  In the 2nd picture you can see my Pink Venetian and this fabric together. 

Also, Crystal and I are working on a project that will hopefully be done in time for Costume Con 2010, which I will eventually need a petticoat for, and to be honest, these colors are PERFECT for that petticoat.  Since the fabric has two embroidered sides, I only bought 6 yards of this stuff (hoping that will be enough to cover a hoopskirt and also make the corded petticoat with), but there's more of it if I need to use it.

Okay, more on Venetian and splitting the skirt coming up!

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