Last night I got to work on my capelet again.  I cut the ivory wool and sewed the two pieces together, I didn't have enough of the wool left to make a hood (or hood lining if this turns out to be non-reversible) without piecing it together so I found a similiar color silk scrap and cut it for the hood. I sewed the velvet, then I sewed the bottoms of the two pieces together, though looking at cloaks online the bottoms are not sewn together and I like this so I may undo the bottom hem, it seemed kinda wonky anyway. 

Onto a different subject, my friend Debbie who is in the VSA with me has the wonderful talent of putting trims and fabrics together that I might not normally work together, and they do.  So I have been trying to think outside of the box while using what I have on hand when it comes to trimming my projects.  That said today I've added a bit of trim to my Cherry Dress bodice.  I made this dress in 2007 (and will make a website for it with more information soon). 

Last year I made an overskirt for my dress but didn't get any pictures.  Anyway, I hope I can get some nice ribbon & trim attached to it for my outing on Sunday and get pictures then.  I do have some pictures from when I've worn it previous to last year and as a bonus will include also a picture of the Northstar VSA Banner I had a part in making...I cut all the stencils from freezer paper (which took alot of time)and Debbie (in the peach on the right side of the picture) painted and sewed the banner together.  I love the way it turned out.  We also made a smaller version using a different font as a table cloth to use when we're at events so people know who we are.

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