Sorry it's taken me a while to get these up...somehow I cracked the screencover on Brad's camera and feel so terrible about it that I hate looking at it anymore, much less using it.  The camera still works, it's just marred. 

Above are the "pantaloons" I've made using fabric from the salwar kameez.  The fabric with small flowers was the orginal pant fabric for the outfit and the stripe down each leg is from the dress part of the set. 
 Above are the wearable mock-up breeches for Brad.  This fabric might be hot because it's a mystery brocade (and the manliest floral brocade I've ever seen, how about you?)  Brad's response to "these might be hot, are you sure?"  was, "they can't be any hotter than my leather jerkin"...Ah!  Good point!

I still have to finish up the waistband, the couple of buttons & holes and the fly, and buttons and holes on the legbands, but I included the button we're going to use, so you could see it!
8/18/2009 05:35:43 am

I love the button at the cuff! These turned out so well!

And yah, Brad's going to be "hot in that" no matter what it's made of. I'm not sure there's a good way to make fest clothes that much cooler.


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