I've been talking about this project for years! 

Made the dress in 2007, and finished (with Crystal's help) in time to wear it to Ren Fes that year.  It was too big then, so I took it in and wore it a few weeks later at the Northstar VSA's Masquerade Ball.
As you can tell from the first picture, there were structural issues with the bodice which cause the straps to slip (I was 2 years less experienced then and now I know better).  I wore the dress last year, making the straps shorter, to no avail.

This year, I had two options:  rework The Work Dress or find a way to solve the problem of the slipping straps for the Venetian.  I am trying to make Brad a costume by the end of fest this year, so I want to focus most of my time on that.

Anyway, the Venetian won because I found trim I thought could help me with the project.  I added a 2ndary strap (you can read about that in earlier posts), wore the dress last weekend and it worked rather well!  Great!  On our way out of fest, I stepped on my hem and ripped my skirt! 
Since my first Venetian (a long time ago) I have wanted a split skirt.  I'd also like to make a pair of fancy pants to wear with this dress when I'm feeling fun and flirty, like in the movie Dangeous Beauty.  So now I have a couple of options for the skirt:

I'd like to add a guard to the hem of the skirt.  Should I trim the skirt opening in this fabric?
OR I have more of the trim I used on my bodice.  Should I trim the skirt opening in that?
OR Should I find a way to incorporate both the  guard, and the bodice trim as a trim for the opening of the skirt?

What do you think?
8/27/2009 02:24:00 am

I say trim the opening with only the pink trim. Then put a guard at the bottom and right above that, put a row of your pink trim. I guess it would be important for your guard fabric to go well with yout trim.

Just my two cents. :)

7/25/2012 06:47:00 pm

You look adorable!


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