Uh, the previous post sure did give me a false sense of security as far as the amount of work I had left to make my own pattern pieces.  Following the drafting instructions provided on Foundations Revealed, I calculated all the measurements for myself then realized I goofed up by not converting all the measurments into either centimeters OR inches...so frustrated, I ended up doing it all over again last night.  I also realized I made some other mistakes and as frustrating as it was, I got it done and will probably never ever make the same mistakes again. 

Let's hope not.
Today is Black Friday and I'm at work...see how early it is?  I'm working a 10 hour shift today to cover for coworkers and save some PTO.  I agreed to this a month or so ago when I was trying to save as much vacation time as possible in hopes we'd be on our way to Italy next year for our honeymoon.  But, I hate to say that the practicle part of my brain knows we shouldn't be taking frivolous trips around the world when the value of the dollar is down, so perhaps 2011 will be the year for Italy...looks like 2010 is going to be full of other kinds of travel.  But I'm off topic now.

I have brought several projects to work on at work...I've been here 20 minutes now and have not received a call yet.  I knew it would be somewhat slow today, especially this early in the morning.

First on my list is to cut the corset mock-up.  I have a scrappish piece of duck to use for this, but because it's irregular, I think I may have to cut most pieces one at a time, I also brought in the pair of gloves I bought at the craft show last weekend to copy the pattern.  I'm thinking I may make some for Christmas gifts (and I don't even need to learn how to knit!).  Finally, I brought a reticule that's been cut for about 3 years now that I've never put together.  How silly when all it really needs is to be stitched and if I did it by machine could be done in a minute.   

And I accidentally brought a camera to work, so there may be picage later.

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