It's funny how you can track my productivy slowing down.  Not real funny, but you know. 

Last night I had Brad try to doublet on several times to check the fit changes I made, and I took too much in, so now I'm gradually letting it out...and just a little more to go so that I have enough fabric in the center front to fold over and attach buttons (note: this may mean I only need to let out the right side).

Also, the piping in the back seems seam (scratch that, reverse it) to indicate that my seams are not symmetrical.  This probably happended when I sewed them by hand, and tried to get as close to the piping as possible instead of keeping in mind the cut of the fabric.  I will have to change this a little before he wears it.

For myself, I'm toying with the idea of wearing my fantasy gown (pictured below when Brad and I dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marion in October 2007) on Sunday.  It's warm because it's all velvet, and it should be a great day for it on Sunday...the only thing is I wanted to show off my Venetian and the changes I made to it...though all the changes aren't done yet and I'm not sure I'll have time to get them done.  Ah well!  I suppose there is always next year AND Crystal and I (maybe some others) are planning on going to Costume Con 2010 in Wisconsin, so I could wear it there too.  I haven't made my mind completely up we'll see.

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