As far as I can tell, I am in the ending stages of the doublet...and I'm expecting as usual, that finishing this thing will take the long amount of time.

Last night, I worked for another 4.5 hours.  I cut silk and made 3 or 4 yards of piping with a 1/8 inch cord from the hardware store.  The piping I made the night before was with a cord that is probably 1/16, and very thin.  Though we can use this piping somewhere else, I didn't think it would work very well in the main seams of the doublet.

Since I have very little experience with piping, I knew I might have some problems.  First, I pinned the piping so that the cord was just outside of my seam allowance, I started with the side back piece.  I used my zipper foot then attached it by machine.  Next, I pinned the back piece to the side back and tried to get this seam as close to possible to the piping.  It was't close enough, so I decided to do these seams by hand.  This worked really well as I could feel the piping with my fingers as I made my next stitch.  I was happy with the results. 

I did the same with the two front seams of the doublet, also attaching them by hand.  Then because I had the back pieces and the front pieces done I started to get very anxious and wanted Brad to try it on...of course this would be useless, even if it did fit because I am mostly insecure of the changes I made to the neckline and collar (which were mostly right with the mock-up) and that's what I was most curious to see.  So I basted the collar on, and the right side of the doublet, but that took a while to do by hand, and I was already ready to quit for the night, so I pinned the other side and had Brad try it on.

It looks like I'm going to have to take the doublet in at the sides, but that's the biggest alteration that I can see!  I'm very excited, but I know  I still have alot of work to do, you can read the quick list if you like, by clicking "Read More".

(estimated work time: 4.5 hours)
Doublet to do:
attach collar and clip
attach left front of doublet
cut fashion fabric, interfacing, and lining for shoulder treatment
pipe shoulder & waist treatments
sew in shoulder and waist tabs
make a loop strip for buttons
attach to opening
sew buttons
restitch left side back (to replace basting stitches)
stitch down seams
line where necessary

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