So I've been a little quiet here lately...that surely doesn't mean life is quiet!  I think it's just the opposite alot of the time, if life is quiet I might feel like blogging and if life gets a little crazy then I disappear for a little while...though, life being busy can certainly lead to more blogging!

Earlier this week I timed out to do something for myself, even though I had other things on my plate.  I took my machine into the repair shop, and though I was fully prepared to leave it there I asked if he would check out the problem to see how badly it was need of fixin'.  He fixed it while I waited!  So I happily toted my machine home and it's just waiting for me to have some spare time to start up again.

Though I posted a while back about finishing up my blue Victorian soon, there is something on my list a little more pressing because spring is nearing and days are getting longer, which means the sun is coming up earlier and brightly shining into my window before I'm ready to wake up.  Don't get me wrong, I love sunshine, daylight and all the things that Minnesota lacks for most of the winter--just not when I'm trying to what's the project?  It's not a big deal and really shouldn't have taken me so long to get back to it, but I have a drape to finish for our master bedroom, so I will try to get at least that done this weekend. 

What is keeping me so busy you ask?  Skewl.  Skool.  Schools.  Schools is probably the most correct as I am currently participating in two classes at two different school.  But my statistics class really lays the homework on thick and since I missed a class during our Colorado trip (I will try to NEVER EVER do this again!) I've been playing catch up for two weeks and since the world didn't just stop turning for me, after I was done with catch up still had regular work to get finished.  On top of that I have a midterm due next week, and though I have all week to do it it means I'll be working on it every night after work...ACK!

But midterms mean I'm halfway done with this class at least because of the short run of the trimesters at school.  That means I can get another class in before summer (if you pretend summer doesn't start until July).  But come July, I don't believe I'll be taking any more classes until September.  That's what I'm looking forward to...that and for the other class I'm in (which run in normal semesters) to be done in May, so I can focus on just one class for the Spring term.  This will be the last time I take a one class (excluding possible summer session) load, I am determined to finish my degree next year!

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