I wanna write about my upcoming project...I mean there's not much to say, but I have that motivation that kills you while you're making underwear for a project you want to start and just forget about the underwear! 

The big question with this project is the one I've been dealing with...do I want to make a new corset first?  Over the last couple of weeks I have been tossing this question around and I think I've come up with an answer.  Yes, ideally I would like a new corset.  I have two Victorians and at least one Steampunk outfit in my To Do queue, maybe in the next year so a new corset would be a good thing. 

Here is the little compromise I made myself, but it may be kinda silly.  If I can have my undergarments (bustle and new corset) done by the stroke of Midnight on November 30, I will not turn into a pumpkin...err...I mean, I should go forward with a new Victorian.  You see, this gives me a realistic time frame to get the underwear done, and still have time for a back-up plan.  That's the part that's a little iffy....because if I'm almost done with the corset, I may decide to go forward with the Sekrit Vic anyway.  But (scenerio 2) if I'm nowhere near done with it, then realistically, I won't be able to finish it and an entire ensemble for Twelfth Night. 

So--if scenerio 2 rears it's ugly head...what can I do?  I think the plan would be to switch gears and revert to plan A from two months ago...go Edwardian.  I already have an Edwardian corset made, so I'm pretty sure I could get at least a basic gown done in time for Twelfth Night. 

In my little brain, this is a perfect motivational tool to work it!  And this weekend, though we are planning to be somewhat social with dinner & friends on Saturday and a Viking's game on Sunday, I should have time here and there, then most of Sunday night to get things done---hopefully that means the bustle will be done this weekend.

The boning did not make it home yesterday, but hopefully it should be there today if no signature is required...I could still get it today if I make it down to UPS central before they close, but that place is a circus and I hate going there.

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