Christmas Eve 2009 was stressful.  Due to the snow we weren't sure if I'd have to come into work (for 4 hours) or not.  Turns out I did.  There wasn't much traffic, at least, but the roads were poorly plowed and scary.  By the time Brad was done working from home, we both had migraines, so we went to bed early, and I got nothing productive on my costume done.

It was questionable whether or not we'd be getting together with Brad's family for the holidays due the the Holiday Storm from Hades!  We didn't make a decision until Christmas morning, then because for days before we thought we wouldn't be there we didn't have gifts wrapped.  So, we wrapped gifts before leaving, then had to pack, etc.

The roads weren't as bad as I'd expected, and I kept the camera close in hand for any cool photo ops.  Most of the pictures I got were pretty winter scenes.  I'd like to print a couple of them and find a place to hang them in our house.

Christmas dinner was delish and all our gifts were fantastic, mostly   dinnerware...but our big one was "a freezer" in the form of giftcards (much more portable that way).  Hopefully we'll find some good deals to get the most for our gifted money!

The only bit of sewing progress I made was yesterday, and there wasn't much sewing involved.  I made bias binding the for the new corset and had to shorten some bones to sew the casings closed.  I'd like to machine stich one side of the binding before we leave on Wednesday so I can handstitch the rest either on the plane or on the drive from Dallas to Austin.

I also traced the pattern and got the mock-up pieces of the Sekrit Victorian's bodice cut, tonight I plan on sewing the pieces together and attempt to fit it myself.  My measurements were all one size on the Truly Victorian pattern I'm using, so hopefully that means it will go together rather easily, a girl can dream can't she?

I can't afford to be struck down with another migraine before leaving on Wednesday.  I need to get as much work done on the bodice as possible because I'm hopeful about bringing it along as well. 

To have it ready to go, here is what should happen between now and Wednesday morning. 
sew pattern pieces together
fit mock-up
cut lining, interlining, and fashion fabric
sew neckline
sew bodice pieces

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