Well, I got the mock-up waistband on the 2nd draft of the pants, and it looks good.

Though I really didn't want to and procrastinated until very late, I got the real mock-up (in the mock-up fashion fabric that I'm hoping become a wearable pair of pants) waistband and the interfacing for it cut!  Yay me!

I am going to aim to get the waistband on tonight, but since my mudroom (which is where most of my sewing storage is) is driving me nutzo, I might take some quality time to try to organize it--Again!  The problem in that room is that my main storage is a massive built in cabinett from the 70's, but it's not very...what's the word...it's not a very effecient use of space.  The top cabinets are like 2 feet high, but are 6.5 feet off the floor, not easily accessibly by a 5.3 foot woman....and the biggest cabinet it 5 feet tall..so I have stuff stacked on stuff, stacked on stuff, and stuff stuffed into the sides of it...disasterous!

We'll see if I can manage to come up with a solution, the whole situation in the room is temporary anyway.

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