Brad and I planned our June 20th wedding in 6 months...besides that I finished a class I was taking in the winter term.  The only sewing I did was my beaded bolero for my wedding dress.  I did not bead the lace, but found it on eBay.  I only bought 1 yard of the very expensive lace, so it was nerve wracking...but I got it done and liked the way it turned out.

After the wedding, I worked on tweaking a dress for me to wear to the 2009 Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  I decided the Pink Venetian needed the least amount of work, so added some trim to it. 
 Then I got busy on making a wearable mock-up doublet & breeches for Brad .

After Renaissance Festival was over we prepared for the Northstar VSA's Masquerade Ball.  I made a half-circle cloak for Brad to wear with his Renaissance oufit. 

I needed to tweak some aspects of my Work Dress which I made in 2008 to wear to this ball.  I made an underbodice for it, repleated and reattached the skirt.
Then, right at the end of the year I worked on some new Victorian underwear.  I made a bustle and a new corset.

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