Thing #1
Last week I did a very bad thing (bad because I want to use up fabrics in my stash before buying anymore) and decided I needed fabric for an underskirt for this dress.  I went to a local fabric warehouse in search of a nice linen but found a stack of silk remnants, at $4.99 silk is hard to pass up and was probably less expensive than any linen I would have bought if they had any I liked.  I picked gold for this underskirt and got enough so that I could also make a bodice and/or sleeves for this dress.  I'm not sure I'll get to the underskirt in time to wear it to the ball, but I hope to have sleeves done in time.
Thanks to Realm of Venus for this portrait.
For the historic version of this gown (I believe the movie dress is based on historic garments, though Danielle's sleeves are earlier in period and/or fantasy based) I want to make a pair of full sleeves as in the above portrait (shh...I'm most excited to make the 2 part sleeves from the movie though).

Looking at portraits from the period of similiar dresses, I've noticed the openings in the dresses are more commonly smaller than the opening on my dress, though the opening in the dress from the movie is larger than the opening in the picture I posted above.
Thanks to for the above image
Thing #2 I hope that I can replace the ties at the front opening before Saturday as well.  I used the velvet ribbon I trimmed the bodice with for ties but these aren't working out so well.  They aren't really long enough and they are only one sided, so they have an ugly side.  I want to make the ties from the dress fabric so it will take a little effort to sew it, turn it in, then finish the edges (if I don't have time to finish the edges I can knot the ends off and maybe add a bead?  I don't know yet.

Thing #3
I really hope I have time to repleat the back of the dress.  I used box pleats in the front, and it creates a little puffiness around my waist...I used stacked knife pleats because I have SO MUCH FABRIC in the back of the skirt...but the knife pleats lie too flat and the combination of flat in back and puffy in front looks kinda stupid.

Thing #4
I don't NEED to add the guard at the botton of the dress for the ball...but I wanna! I pinned part of it in place and makes it look polished. 

Thing #5
And least importantly for the ball, the Underskirt.  I have trim, I have fabric, I just need time and I don't have that! 

Thing #6
I don't need these until the next time I want to wear this dress as the Work Dress from Ever After, which might be at either The Midwinter Feast that is put on by the Fest Friends group, or maybe Costume Con?  Anyway, I need the 2 part sleeves and an apron.  In looking at Danielle's apron in the movie...the apron is a square or rectangular piece of fabic with a tie across the top.  The square corners of the top of the apron are not included in the tie, and instead hang at angles from the waist (does that make sense?)

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