I really liked tracking the work and the time it took to finish Brad's doublet, so I'm going to try to do this here starting with the work on my dress that I started on Sunday.

By the time I sat down on Sunday night to start working, it was 7, and I worked until 1am because I felt I should get as much done as I could (even though my wrists & hands have been sore from the making the eyelets &/or the pleats I suppose, I don't really remember that happening before).

And last night I was a bit lazy.  Actually, I was really tired, but I did work after some resistance.  I attached the back of the skirt to the bodice, and half of the front, then realized I needed more room than I had in the side opening, so I had to let it out...then I tacked the pleast onto a strip of sateen for the parts of my bodice that are nonexistant (the front & side openings). 
approx Sunday & Monday work time: 9 hours

Tonight I will make another attempt to attach the front of the skirt to the bodice.  I think I've had to redo this enough times that I should be able to get it right tonight.  Also, I need to move the button loops on Brad's doublet, and that should be quick...maybe I should start with that project tonight.

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