It has been a couple of years since I've posted here!  I started using my Livejournal to post when I had something to share because I regained access to it during my work day.  However, over the past couple of years many of my friends have moved on from LJ due to problems, so I thought I would revisit this blog.  I probably will post the major highlights from my LJ here eventually, but if you would like acess, just drop me a line there.

Wow, do I have some excited news!  (Please note: slight sarcasm!)  Since I started sewing, back in...oh 2005, I have been attempting to get a ducttape dummy made.  I actually had one early on, but after a few years it got sticky and died.  Since then, I have been using my Uniquely You  dress form for anything I can except drapings & fittings, which I have managed to, mostly successfully, on my own body.  Evenstill, for some things, this is less than ideal.  So last year a group of gals had a ducttape dummy party, and I got a new one made!   I haven't had the chance to use it very much because I've been trying to solve a problem that I've had for years: how to use a beautiful cast iron stand  I got for a song to support my dummy.  Since the stand wasn't intended for this use (actually it used to have a vintage gumball machine on it, just like the one pictured below except mine was yellow >.<) this presented a problem.

Thankfully, we have a good friend who is an engineer.  One day I showed him what I was working with and we came up with away to make it work.  A steel floor flange and pipe.  It wasn't easy to find a flange that would hold a pipe large or small enough to work with, but in our last attempt we found one!  Success!

To finally finish this project, I have been wanting to retape my dummy for weeks with this cute Duct Tape I found at Michael's
Last night was my first chance to get it done.  I knew it wouldn't be a simple task, as I overstuffed my dummy to the point where she wouldn't compress at all.  I need her to wear my corsets for fitting, so I had to unstuff her, retape the opening, and then find a neat way to tape her using the patterned duct tape.  I bought the 2 rolls of tape the store had in stock, but I knew it wasn't enough, and I confirmed that last night.  Now I'm just waiting until I can find more tape, then, maybe you'll get to see a picture of my excellent, polka-dotted, duct tape dress form.  It's been years in the making and I am so close to getting her done!

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