We had a productive weekend. 

Saturday Brad and I had plans in seperate directions.  He had to drive south for an oil change and I took Mindy to the vet to get her stitches removed.  That took less than 10 minutes, then I had plans to see Crystal and do some fabric shopping!
We had a great breakfast, and I showed Crystal a super secret fabric I found and thought was fabulous but didn't want have any use for...it just so happens that it was a perfect Crystal fabric and I should have known because it is Red and Gold.  It is a silk brocade marked at $60/yard but Crystal got a great deal on it and didn't have to pay that much...actually she paid alot less!  She got another great deal on fabric at another store we went to and so we laughed about her good fortune all the way home.  I hope Crystal is able to make her dress for fest (this year, which starts in two weeks!) because it will be breathtakingly gorgeous!

I too found fabric for a project I hope to complete this Fest season, and it's an upgrade to my Venetian gown.  I've called this gown Raspberry in the past, though I'm not sure that accurately describes the color.  Anyway, I had a fabulous idea last year where I take a salwar kameez (a 3 piece Indian outfit consisting of a long dress style top, pants, and a scarf) I found in a thriftshop a few years ago for an unbelievable price.  It is handprinted and I was just struck by the design and colors when I first saw it.  Anyway, I thought I'd try to make a pair of pantaloons out of the pants (I may need to steal some fabric for different parts of the outfit to get them pants to fit me) and a pair of sleeves.  That would leave me with extra fabric, but I'm hoping not to cut the scarf because I'd love to use it as is.

After watching Dangerous Beauty (while working on Brad's Breeches) I thought I might want to try to complete this "To do" this year, and made a list in a previous post of what I would need to do.  After talkign with Crystal about the process, we decided since the dress is already hemmed, that I should just cut the opening of the skirt, rather than having to repleat and reattach it.  Which saves alot of work.

We also talked about adding a piece of matching trim to help with the strap slipping issue.  We thought for this version of the outfit this "quick fix" will work though if I wanted to wear this in the future as a noblewoman's outfit, it's a little iffy..it's has a fantastical look to me, but for now it should definately work.

I tried to find a lining fabric that wasn't silk, but found a great silk, so I couldn't pass it up!  The great part is that I'm going to use the silk in a way that I won't have to cut it, so if I wanted to reuse it in the future, it will be uncut so I can make it into whatever I want.  It's a blue/raspberry shot silk dupioni.  The blue goes with the blue in the salwar kameez and hopefully I'll be able to find a bit of it to use in the pantaloons since right now it's mostly green and black.

After Crystal left, we bought a new car!  A 2009 Toyota Matrix!  This is deemed my car, but I know Brad loves it, so he can drive it whenever he wants.

Yesterday I cleaned my turtle tank, which makes me feel greatly accomplished since I didn't want to do it at all, and I also organized (still need to clean) the mudroom.  It is alot more practical now for my needs...I didn't make big changes, just some reorganizing.  I still have alot more organizing to do, but at least fabric isn't spilling into the open areas anymore.  The rest of the organizing will happen either, after Renaissance festival, or when the rest of the disorganization is enough to drive me nuts...but lately I've been doing small projects when I have the time, so I may get the organizing done as we go along.

I also got the last bits of Brad's mock-up breeches cut (still need to add them to the breeches) and I traced the pattern pieces I'll need to get started on his doublet mock-up! 

I'm excited that the doublet doesn't look as complicated as I thought it would be.  I've heard about this basting spray, so I'm going to have to find some and see if it will be of use to me because there is some  pieces of interfacing that may cause issues.  

But I'm off to start finishing up these breeches...
I have left: 

  • add the waistband facing to the inside
  • cut interfacing for legbands 
  •  gather leg ends
  • make buttonholes
  • add buttons 

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