I just finished Frankensteining the waistband for the breeches (I cut it in several places, instead of taking it off, regathering the pants and reattaching it).  I feel bad about this "shortcut" because it's not the best solution and probably end up taking me as long to do it as it would have been to do it the right way.  If Brad really likes these, I will redo the waistband in the future...put probably not until after this season of fest.

In other news...the Northstar VSA has changed to the theme of this year's masquerade ball (not that it was ever made public anyway, so I'm not sure I should be sharing this) to Dance Macabre.  All things dark and deathy, I suppose, since our Ball is going to be on Halloween night.

I was upset about this at first because the original theme would have been the perfect excuse for me to rewear my wedding gown, but if we can do it next year, I'll have the perfect excuse to make an 18th Century gown, or at least the underwear for it! 

My idea for my costume (so far) is to wear my wedding gown, and modify it by adding an underbust corset, a cloak, a mask, and possibly adding some new elements to the dress (beadwork).  Also, I can play everything up with jewelry!  I'm thinking a blood red velvet coat, lined with silk (I've always wanted one, and now I have an excuse).  I also thought Brad might want a cloak though I'm not sure what other apsects he has in mind for his costume (men can get away with wearing tuxedos).   All in all it sounds like it's going to be a fun theme for us.
8/21/2009 10:10:49 am

Ooo...I'm definitely coming if that's the new theme! I love dark, gothy stuff. It's so lovely and not really me but I'm a woman of many interests and that dark beauty really speaks to me, especially around Halloween. How exciting!

I have a long black wool cloak that Brad could borrow if that's the sort of thing he was thinking. The wool is lightweight and you could see if it would be appropriate. Just a thought....

But what will I wear? Hmmm...I really have nothing that's appropriate...but I have five yards of black satin so maybe that's a start...and maybe Ian would be interested in going...this is his sort of theme. Let's chat tomorrow!!


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