It is beautiful outside today.  I love the weather we've been having lately.  Mid 70s, breezy!  Does it get any better? 

Some Minnesotans have been complaining about not reaching 90 degrees because they like it HOT!  Not my the only reason I've been complaining is because I'm locked up at work.

On my walk around the park on my lunch break I think about alot of things.  Usually though I dream of whatever dress I'm currently dreaming about and picture myself doing a photoshoot under the beautiful canopy of vines around the playground.  It's very picturesque, minus the playground equipment and trash cans...but I just ignore those things.

I was hypothetically revamping my Venetian...if I lined the skirt, do I have stash fabric that would work?  What color would I make the underskirt?  Which led to, hmmm, I'd have to wear a corset and it would be hot...which led to, what if I wore a corset under the work dress...if I wore a corset under the work dress I'd need the faux camicia for the front opening--DOH!  I need that for the Venetian!

So...A list, I love lists

If I revamp the Ventian, I will need these things:
  • A "camisole" to wear under my corset so that I can wear my camicia on top of it.  This is as simple as buying one, really, but because everyone else seems it's necessary to make one, why don't I? 
  • Lining the skirt, which would require:
    unpleating the skirt
    lining fabric
    repleating and attaching skirt
    adding ties for a bustle
  • making pantaloons (and eventually an underskirt, which I've always wanted anyway)
  • fix the strap slipping issue

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