The question:  Can I make a Victorian ensemble in 4 evenings if I try really, really hard?

The answer: NO!

On a side note, the Sekrit Victorian ended up taking a different route design & color combination wise, so it's not longer sekrit, I just have no pictures to share just yet.  And it's  painful to admit that I didn't get to debut it because of all the work that went into getting the dress but because of the stress and the exhaustion caused by trying to get this done with the small amount of time I had to complete it, it wasn't hard to let it go and instead of attending the ball get a few hours of sleep.  Brad and I actually did go but just  to help with clean up. Boo!

My machine started giving me problems 3 hours before the event started, so I may have been able to get mostly completed but I doubt there would have been time to finish the CF closure. 

Oh well.  The good news?  I have a mostly completed dress for our next Victorian event. 

What I have left:
set in sleeves
Center Front Closure
Add ruffle to skirt hem
add waistband

Also, I'd like to get a hat made for this dress. 

I'm not sure when our next Northstar VSA outing is but I believe there is a Spring Dance in the works for April or May, so this dress will be ready for that though I'm not sure it would be appropriate. 

I had two Victorian dresses in mind for this year, so it's possible I could get the 2nd one made for this event.  I cut out some fabric I didn't end up using for the above 1870's skirt that I can use for the underlayer of the skirt on the 2nd dress, and have a sheer fabric in mind that would be the overlayer and possibly the bodice.

Sadly, my machine is kaput...I'm going to tinker with it and see if I can figure out what the problem is before I bring it in.  I called the sewing machine repair shop and they said it would be approximately 2 weeks!  Thank goodness I've got lots of handsewing that needs to get done!  I could also break out my old Brother and use that for a while.

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