I'm sorry I don't have pictures of my dress in progress yet, I'll try to get those on here tomorrow.

I do have some pictures of ideas for trim, however...which are quite inspirational. 
I found most of these images from Daniel Deronda on www.costumersguide.com and they are really just what I had wanted for this dress, though I was having trouble envisioning them.

Firstly, this lovely tangerine polonaise is similiar to mine, so it caught my eye.  I especially like the cut of the sleeve, and the ruffled self-trim there.  I'm not sure I could cut my sleeve to mimic this, but if not I'll keep this in mind for future outfits.
We can't seem the detail of the trim around the neckline in this picture, but thankfully I found another image of this dress used in another movie on www.recycledmoviecostumes.com
I also found detail shots of Gwendolyn's Wedding gown from Daniel Deronda, and am leaning towards a trim similiar to this around my neckline.  My neckline is a little more revealing that I like, so I'm hoping this trim will add character and modesty...dual duty!

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