Okay, so I thought I'd try to keep my thoughts seperate...thus the seperate postings.

I have been doin' stuff, just haven't written much about it, though I did write up some of my progress in my LJ.  Anyway, the low down is I have decided that I am going to finish up my Work Dress for the Masquerade.  It will match the period of Brad's costume, which my wedding dress wouldn't have, and it will get me closer to having one thing crossed off my to do list.  Wins all around!

At the beginning of Fest Season 09 I thought really hard about which dress I wanted to tweak this year for myself, The Venetian or The Work Dress.  This is because I wanted Brad to have a new outfit and knew that would take most of my efforts.  One drawback to The Work Dress was that I believed it needed more support than the few bones I placed in it originally. 

In reading Jen Thompson's article on Hemp Cording for the time period of the dress I'm making I decided this was the right answer for me.  I started by using the pattern I'd orginally made for the bodice, and added some width the the straps (I thought my straps were too thin on the bodice).  Then during a trial of the mock-up for the corded corset, I realized I might not need the cording after all, and since I'm pressed for time, anything I can do to eliminate work will help.  So, I cut the pieces for the underbodice and sewed them together.  I made the outside layer from the same sateen I had made the dress (more on that later). 

I worked more on the underbodice this weekend...and opted for handbound eyelets since I am relying on this garmet for support and I didn't want to chance that metal grommets would eventually move or rip.  My eyelets turned out pretty ugly, but it's okay...I hope no one else minds either.  Also, because I spaced the eyelets too far initially, I ended up adding one line of cording on each side of the openings.  When this didn't fix the problem I added more eyelets.  I left enough (I hope) excess fabric in the same allowance so that if I decide to cord this in the future, I can just let the seams out. 

I worked on repleating the skirt last night, and boy are my arms tired!  I had some issues, and think somehow one fabric panel was longer than the other because though I pleated it identically, it didn't match up in the end.  I cut this excess fabric, and will sew it up, along with the pleats I had to redo as well.  And I'm hoping that tonight I will be able to attach the skirt to the bodice...AND I'm hoping to get it done.  This is the challenge, because I wanted this bodice to be adjustable I made two side openings along with the front opening.  IF I do happen to expand or contact, I may need to resize the skirt later anyway. 

Still needed for this dress are sleeves, and wants for this dress, trim the sleeve of the underbodice so that it looks like part of the bodice and if not at least turn the raw edge under, bind the underbodice, attach lacing rings for sleeves, and if possible make an underskirt.

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