In my last post I talked about dressing up my overskirt, etc with The Cherry Dress.
I was able to change the collar, though I'm not sure I like it...and I did trim the overskirt, though I'd like to trim it more.  In talking with the other ladies at the tea though, in their opinions, I can still wear the bodice (it's the bodice that has the most problems) but they don't think I should continue to futz with it to make it better. 

I'm not sure I agree.  Given the amount of time it takes me to make a bodice, I would spend the time to fix it...but I suppose I agree with them in the aspect that if I move forward on another Victorian bodice, I might just have better luck given the improvement in my skills over the years, etc.  So without further delay, here is a picture.

Yeah, I didn't get any front detail pics of the changes I made to the collar, since the stand up collar was giving me problems I made a "v neck" by folding back part of the neckline, then added a lace ruffle around the collar.  You can see in this picture the ruffle is folding in th back...not sure if I care enough about that to find a way to fix it.  Of course, you can see my overskirt...I needed a little extra of the red gimp trim to add around the bustly part in the back, and the fabric that looks pink at the bottom is actually a very thin stripped red and white REALLY! 

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