Last night I got the interfacing attached to the doublet pieces that needed them, first by using basting spray to place them then I sewed them in place using diagnoal stitches across the interfacing like the pattern specified.  I will get a picture of these steps in the next doublet, but I figured since I don't know how things are going to turn out, it may not be as important to document them now.

I traced the pieces I cut for this doublet on paper because I added some length since the last mock-up, and hope the next doublet will be put together much more quickly if I"ve got a good pattern to start with.  I'll need to remember to take notes of any changes I made from this point on so the pattern remains accurate.

I cut silk and made about 4 yards of piping, now sure how much I'm going to need, but I at least have a start for when I need it.  After that I used basting spray to keep all three layers of the doublet together.  After reading, I guess I'll need to cut another layer of fabric for the lining...Ugh!  I thought all the cutting was over with.  I think it's odd that this pattern calls for a flatlining fabic, THEN for another lining.  In my experience, if I have flatlined something I have not had to make another lining but I guess this is menswear...I haven't made any before, and we will want this piece to look pretty on the inside as well...I just don't understand why I'd flatline it if I am also going to make another lining...maybe I should just pull off the flatlining fabric and use it for the lining, then I wouldn't have to's not too late to do this yet.

Anyway, I'm really excited with all the work I did last night.  I spent alot of time and feel I got much accomplished, but still have to sew a seam, which I hope will happen tonight.  We start with attaching the collar to the neck, then the side backs to the back.  I'm thinking since we're planning on piping the front seam that maybe we should also do this on the back.  I have yet to place piping into a seam before, so I'm not sure how well this is going to work without a few tries.

estimated time worked: 4.5 hours

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