The very short tunnel that was about a month long bout with homework...but I'm starting to see the light in the long-term tunnel as well!

This week:  Statistics Midterm.  So far, so good!  I'm a procrastinator, but can say that I'm pretty sure I've accepted this and am doing the best I can to stop being one, at least in the way of homework.  I feared this take-home midterm would absorb all of my out of work time this week, and so far it mostly has.  However, because I knew I had another engagement on Thursday, I planned to be done with it by Wednesday.  So far, I'm pretty on track!  I have one equation left to finish and a few more answers to tweak and it's done for...Midterm 0 Laura 1  ! Yay! Now, I just have to wait for the results of the thing, but that's another thing all together.

I get to turn in my  midterm on Saturday, then I am rewarded with accomplishing my homework in a timely fashion by having to sit through 3 hours of lecture.  I am sure that I will get through it in a daze.  Finally, I have an exam in my online Macroeconomics class, due by Sunday...but that's not as nerve-wracking.

Because of the expedited nature of my Statistics class, I have been looking ahead into what class I'd like to take next term.  That led me to the semi-annual evaluation of my transcript and optimistic future outlook at how quickly can I get this degree already.  Given my exciting plans to persue my hobby this year and attend two national costume conventions, and due to my own limitations as a human being, I probably won't be taking any classes this summer term because I don't think I would do very well being stuck in a book and certainly wouldn't have any time to get any new dresses made--BUT, if I can manage taking two classes starting in the Fall term, and for the next 3 terms I will be done with my degree by the end of next 12/31/11.  That's the light at the end of my long-term tunnel, and I wish I could do it more quickly, but I can't see how it would be possible, even if I quit my job and went to school fulltime. 

The good news...yes there is more!  After Saturday's class I won't have class again for 3 weeks!  One of those is intended to be Spring Break, and even though there will be homework, I plan to throughly enjoy my "Spring Break".

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