I'm repleating my Venetian skirt today, at work.
When Crystal pleated my skirt 2 years ago, the pleats were padded with wool felt and they were pleasantly plump!

Then Crystal made her new Venetian gown, and though I thought about repleating the front of my skirt (I had to take the bodice and didn't do a great job of repleating the front), her pretty little pleats made me want to repleat the entire thing, so that's what I'm doing.  I don't think that I'm going to recut the bodice back to make it a "V" but it sure is tempting at this point.

I started to repleat the skirt, and wanted to make sure I remembered how, so I double checked how at this fantastic website to refresh my memory!

And, just because pictures are good, here's a picture.

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