this may be misleading, but I'll clarify...
Last night, I printed the original pattern pieces...sure this doesn't sound like much, but I had to increase the size of the pieces provided in my image editor to the point where the 1 inch = 1 inch when printed.  This meant cutting some pieces in half, and some in quarters (digitally), printing them, then taping them back together.

I'm sure this will be one of the easiest parts of the process, but it sure did take more time than I thought it would.  However, It is nice to know that I can get working straight away after my other obligations of the night!

I'd love to get the pattern drawn tonight and the mock-up pieces cut, and would be super happy if I could get them sewn together...but I'm not sure I can manage all of that tonight.  I'm trying to zoom-zoom and have this corset done by the end of November (other than possible holiday decorating & a little test taking, I have no plans this weekend!), so this is possible...but how likely is it? 

I imagine I can have the corset mostly done, though maybe not nicely finished, by then. far, so good!

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