Wow, since I've been working for what seems like weeks getting Brad's doublet done, his breeches before that, and on my dresses, I wonder, what is there to do now.

I don't have to wonder very long.  Several things have been put on hold until fest was over with because I was busy.  I need to start working out, I need to start researching work on our mudroom because it is the future location of my craft room.  I need to find contractors, interview them, get ideas and prices.  I need to start working on my costume for the Masquerade Ball on Halloween.  I need to decorate for Halloween!  I need to start finding fabrics for crafts to be sold at the craftsale my employer puts on and Crystal and I will be sharing a table for.  I need to make time to make those crafts.  Also, I want to make a new dress for the VSA's Twelfth Night ball...I'm thinking of making a Teens gown because I have fabric and trim that are yelling at me for something to do, and I'd like to make a new Victorian corset before I make another Victorian gown. Hmm...I just thought of something.  Anyway, I'm itching to try something different and have been wanting a Teens gown for years anyway.

gotta run.

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