I don't think adults with jobs that aren't school related actually get a "Spring Break" anymore...but I'll take a break where I can get it...even if it doesn't result in as much downtime as it used to when school was my only obligation. 

Sadly, I have grand plans for my Spring Break.  Why sadly?  Because there's only actually about a week where there are no class expectations and because that's not alot of time when you factor in the job, working out, and keeping up a home...but I'm trying to be optimistic and really, I'm looking forward to my little measly week.

I've been dreaming of the MNRF lately, maybe that's because we are on the downward slide (no, I'm not crazy, we are over halfway through the wait at this point) or maybe it's because I've learned in order to have things made in time for it, you should start when there's still snow on the ground....i dunno what it is...but I'm sure it has something to do with warm weather, green grass, and pretty dresses.  However, this really isn't that best time for me to start lingering on Renaissance Festival because I still have to finish the Blue Victorian.  I would also like to get into a little better shape before the MNRF which can totally ruin any plans for immediate costume gratification if you let it because I do have 6 months until opening day.

Unfortunately, this henders the headstart I'd like to make on my Renaissance projects for this year, but I do have a project for Brad that could keep me busy, and plenty of mock-ups and fiddly bits on other costumes that need to be done.

So I thought, in order to make the most out of my Spring Break, I should put together a To Do List: of things I probably should get done before I move onto another project.

experiment with & decide on trim techinique for Blue Victorian
Finish ruffle for the Blue Victorian skirt
resew Blue Victorian skirt to eliminate puffy seams from the French Seams I used but shouldn't have used on so much fabric
Add waistband to Blue Victorian (possibly wait to add closure in case of weight loss)

Finish binding new Victorian corset

Sew white silk skirt pieces together, cut overskirt pieces out of sheer fabric
Decide on pattern for bodice, mock-up
Return skirt patterns to Sarah

Finish trimming Work Dress skirt
Finish trimming Venetian Sleeves

Locate 18th C. Stays pattern and scale up as needed, cut mock-up

recut Brad's black linen breeches and lining
cut doublet pieces

Mock-up lower class Renaissance bodice/dress

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