So, I spend the day avoiding a killer headache (I won!) and playing around with the customization features on weebly.  So far, I like it.  There is one thing currently bugging me, but I'll run it by Brad and see if he can't figure it out. 

I'm going to need a spiffy new banner and some graphics around here to spruce things up a bit don't ya think?  I hope this new place works out and work doesn't block access here.  That would be disappointing.

Last night my goal was to sew up a pair of mock-up breeches.  I didn't do it.  I made dinner, and food for potluck and then was hit with a headache and after laying on the sofa trying to get rid of said headache, got lazy.  It was good cuddletime anyway. 

So I guess my goal for tonight should be to get these made up! 

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