I took a half day off work yesterday with the idea that I'd make more progress on the doublet, and maybe relax too. 

What really happened is I went to the thrift store, bought some cool things for future costumes and a little periodesque jewelry (periods are debatable).  I went home and vegged out for a while, then Brad came home. 

I did get a little work on the doublet, but not leaps and bounds like the last couple of nights.  I attached the 2nd half of the front of the collar & doublet front, cut the back center tab to fit the back, piped and lined it, and cut out the shoulder wing things.  Brad and I were debating on whether the shoulder treatment should be the green of the piping or the black & brown brocade.  I made them "reversable" for the sake of decision making.  I made one side in the silk, and interlining in the middle, and the doublet fabric on the other side.  I pinned on to one shoulder, and the other, and Brad decided on the green silk.  I fooled around a little with the piping and tried to make it fancy then thought I should move onto something that needs to be done (instead of fancy trimming) because we are pressed for time, I'll trim it fancy later.  
We futzed with the hair elastics (in black) I'm going to attempt to use as button loops (Peggy's fantastic idea).  Because I picked the thinnest hair elastics, and because they are hard to pin and keep in place I thought I'd tape them in the middle, and have to small loop on either end.  I thought it best not to include the part of the elastic that is fused together in my loop because these break fairly easily.  My plan is to cut the elastics in half, sew them down, then remove the tape.  While I'm thinking of this I probably will need to untape some of what we've taped so I can sew it down.  Also, to eliminate some steps, I was going to attach the loops to a piece of black cotton twill tape and sew this onto the doublet.  This will make attaching the loops easier because I'll be working with a strip of fabric instead of the entire doublet, and it will finish the front opening seam without having to line it (I'm thinking I might line it when I have more time, but if I can get away with not lining it while still adding an inner pocket to the flatlining I may skip lining the front).

Then I had Brad try the doublet on with his pants and shirt on, and it's still too big.  I didn't work much more on the doublet besides pinning in the sides.  I will have to do another fitting because I think it's still probably too big. 
left to do:
make button loop strip
attach buttons
finish arm hole
attach shoulder treatment
cut down waist tabs to fit sections of doublet
draft a front waist tab
pipe, line, attach tabs to waist

It's gonna be cold on Sunday, the last day of fest, so I'm hoping I'll have time to make a simple pair of sleeves for Brad to wear.  BUT I have some pieces of my own dress that I'd like to get done as well...unfortunately, this will only happen if I have time...which isn't totally out of reach, I do have all day on Saturday to work.

(estimated work time: 5 hours)

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