I'd like to list my wants, outside of the Work Dress Wish List, for the ball on Saturday.  Because Brad and I have to help with setup on Saturday, I won't have that extra time to get these things done.

I want to make a semi-circular cloak for Brad using Margo Anderson's Gentleman's Patterns.  The pattern looks simple, but I bet I can manage to goof it up somehow.

I need a mask!  I have a mask, but I don't really think it goes with my dress, so I need to do something to have a mask to wear for the ball.  Good thing I have ready-to-decorate masks in my pile of junk...though I don't know now I want it to look...Gold would go with the trim on my dress AND I'd be able to use it again with other dresses, so that sounds like a pretty good starting point, but what else?

All the decor stuff I signed up for...two wreaths for the front doors, the branch arrangements (which are mostly done) and the flying skull I want to make.

That doesn't sound too bad...though I do have some finshing up on Brad's doublet to get done too!

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