I wanted to post this yesterday when I was reminded of it, but thought it'd be better to post two days in a row, rather than twice in one day.

Today's happiness is brought you by Masterpiece Theater presenting Jane Austin's Emma.
 Even better is I missed the airing of the first two episodes and found out that they are available for viewing on PBS.org.  I don't even have to wait to buy the DVD, which, of course I plan to do!

So, PBS, Emma, and the BBC are making Sunday nights my historical movie night again (a longtime, casual tradition of mine).  I love cooking a good meal and being cozy in my house on Sunday evenings.  It's not a strict rule of mine, but it is something I enjoy, especially during the winter months.
The above clip includes my favorite part of the series so far.  When Emma and Mr. Knightley, well, you'll see, it's starts around the 5 minute mark. 


Can't wait to see what happens next (though I already know, I want to SEE it happen, dresses, these actors, etc.)

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