In the middle of winter, tredging into work everyday sometimes it's hard to focus on little things that make us happy.

In an effort to capture some happiness, as often as I think about doing so, I'm going to post about things that make me happy.

Today is raspberries.
Yesterday, while grocery shopping I spotted a great deal on raspberries and since they always make me feel like I'm indulging but are in fact a healthy snack, I bought some. 

Maybe raspberries remind me of decadant scenes from Marie Antoinette, or maybe it's the thought of raspberries surrounded by sweet champagne bubbles in crystal stemware...whatever it is they make me happy, even in the middle of winter.
Trying to be eat healthier and shed some extra weight, obviously is made easier when I remember the healthy foods that I love. 
Alas, no champagne for me this morning.  Instead, I've added them to my oatmeal and kept a few extra for an afternoon snack! 

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