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I don't think adults with jobs that aren't school related actually get a "Spring Break" anymore...but I'll take a break where I can get it...even if it doesn't result in as much downtime as it used to when school was my only obligation. 

Sadly, I have grand plans for my Spring Break.  Why sadly?  Because there's only actually about a week where there are no class expectations and because that's not alot of time when you factor in the job, working out, and keeping up a home...but I'm trying to be optimistic and really, I'm looking forward to my little measly week.

I've been dreaming of the MNRF lately, maybe that's because we are on the downward slide (no, I'm not crazy, we are over halfway through the wait at this point) or maybe it's because I've learned in order to have things made in time for it, you should start when there's still snow on the ground....i dunno what it is...but I'm sure it has something to do with warm weather, green grass, and pretty dresses.  However, this really isn't that best time for me to start lingering on Renaissance Festival because I still have to finish the Blue Victorian.  I would also like to get into a little better shape before the MNRF which can totally ruin any plans for immediate costume gratification if you let it because I do have 6 months until opening day.

Unfortunately, this henders the headstart I'd like to make on my Renaissance projects for this year, but I do have a project for Brad that could keep me busy, and plenty of mock-ups and fiddly bits on other costumes that need to be done.

So I thought, in order to make the most out of my Spring Break, I should put together a To Do List: of things I probably should get done before I move onto another project.
I still haven't checked into what's wrong with my sewing machine.  I hoped that I could figure out whether or not it needed repairs so that I could drop it off before leaving for Colorado, but here we are and I haven't even really thought about it.

We've been kinda busy thus why I haven't looked at the machine or done any sewing....getting ready for our trip, problems with our aquarium that needed to be addressed before we left, before that-Brad's birthday, two Vikings games (one at the Metrodome, and one on TV), Avatar 3-D, and trying to work out regularly--on top of work and school, too!

Whew!  Things won't be winding down for a few weeks either, but I am hoping to get some sewing done when we get back from Colorado.  I'm hoping to bring some small handsewing along, maybe I'll start working on the trim for the Victorian. 

I have received confirmation that my registration for Costume College made it in, but I'm not sure if I'll be attending yet.  I'd love to go again but need to feel things out a little first. 

Eitherway, there is plenty to do on my WANT list, but before I can start moving forward, I gotta make that blue Victorian wearable so I can put in the closet and mark it off my list!

First I think the simplest part to finish will be the skirt ruffle, the ruffle is mostly made, but since my machine is Kaput! I think I'll finish it by hand, though attaching it by hand doesn't sound like a good idea.  To be done with the skirt I need to add the waistband, which I can do when I get my machine working.  Until then, I can sew in sleeves and attach trim.  Since I've been working out, I'm waffling on whether or not to finish the closure.  By the time I get to that point, I suppose I should try it on again and see if any there has been any change in the fit, then decide.

The 2nd Victorian on my list for this year is in the works...I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what i wanted but haven't decided on a bodice pattern/style yet.  And, I need to located the copy of the Diderot stays I have and start mocking that up, too!

Sounds like a busy start to February, but I've put the Victorian aside for long enough and I'm itching to work on it again!
I wanna write about my upcoming project...I mean there's not much to say, but I have that motivation that kills you while you're making underwear for a project you want to start and just forget about the underwear! 

The big question with this project is the one I've been dealing I want to make a new corset first?  Over the last couple of weeks I have been tossing this question around and I think I've come up with an answer.  Yes, ideally I would like a new corset.  I have two Victorians and at least one Steampunk outfit in my To Do queue, maybe in the next year so a new corset would be a good thing. 

Here is the little compromise I made myself, but it may be kinda silly.  If I can have my undergarments (bustle and new corset) done by the stroke of Midnight on November 30, I will not turn into a pumpkin...err...I mean, I should go forward with a new Victorian.  You see, this gives me a realistic time frame to get the underwear done, and still have time for a back-up plan.  That's the part that's a little iffy....because if I'm almost done with the corset, I may decide to go forward with the Sekrit Vic anyway.  But (scenerio 2) if I'm nowhere near done with it, then realistically, I won't be able to finish it and an entire ensemble for Twelfth Night. 

So--if scenerio 2 rears it's ugly head...what can I do?  I think the plan would be to switch gears and revert to plan A from two months ago...go Edwardian.  I already have an Edwardian corset made, so I'm pretty sure I could get at least a basic gown done in time for Twelfth Night. 

In my little brain, this is a perfect motivational tool to work it!  And this weekend, though we are planning to be somewhat social with dinner & friends on Saturday and a Viking's game on Sunday, I should have time here and there, then most of Sunday night to get things done---hopefully that means the bustle will be done this weekend.

The boning did not make it home yesterday, but hopefully it should be there today if no signature is required...I could still get it today if I make it down to UPS central before they close, but that place is a circus and I hate going there.
This ALWAYS happens to me when it comes to costume, most of the time events like birthday parties, travel, and family gatherings we have the foresight to think..."Ay!  We might need batteries for the camera!"


There were several pictures taken of us in costume at the Ball on Saturday night, but the one shot we got on our camera I am not smiling.  This is strange because at the ball while dancing and talking I can't help but the picture must have caught me when I decided for one second, to take a break.  Oops.

If I don't have any other pictures up by tomorrow, I will put the nonsmiling one of me & Brad up. 

So...I didn't get everything I wanted to get done...but I wanted to get alot done.

Work Dress to do: (still)
Velvet guard at hem
repleat back ? (I'm not sure I want to do this anymore, the pleats seemed to work on Saturday, so I'll have to reevaluate this)
new front ties
rebind parts underbodice
trim underbodice straps
attach bar and hook closure
2nd pair of sleeves
restitch bone casing on bodice

Overall, I had a good wearing of this costume on Saturday night.  The front opening seems a little wide...but I have been expanding since the wedding and now that "costume season" is mostly over it's time to start working out again.  I might wear this dress to Costume Con and if not then it will be almost 9 months (unless we attend the Midwinter feast!) until I get to wear it again so I have time to slim down without changing it. 

Oh, and my sequined shoe caught the thread in my hem, so I have a spot to fix, which will be more secure when I stitch that guard down.

Then the sequined shoe (with leather soles) took the opportunity to bust my butt on the steps of our garage.  Concrete steps.  I fell then took a second to make sure I didn't actually hurt anything, then Brad helped me up.  I didn't hurt anything majorly, but I'm sore, so I think that and the dancing both contributed to my aches and pains.

I want to finish this dress soon while I still have it all fresh in my head...but at the same time I'd like to take some time away from sewing...a week or so.  Also, I need to start making the bustle for my 1870's ensemble though I have to wait for the boning and the pattern so that is going to be my main priority once I have all the pieces to get started.  I'm not good at working on two projects at one time, but maybe I can try to get the little things done while I "take a break".

I want an updated list of costumes I want to make in the next year as it looks like it might be feasible for me to attend CosCol 2010, though I may be trading it in for our Italian Honeymoon (not because of Coscol, because of the economy).  Anyway...not going to Italy means I'll have vacation time to go to CosCol, and that is a bonus.  if you want to read the list, click "Read More"
I'm very motivated to sew right now...I mean sew the stuff that I know I need to sew, but never want to...I don't mean hemming my pants or replacing buttons on shirts...nope not that motivated.  
I want to sew :
the drapes for our master bedroom (I suppose this is the only real house project on the list)
a skirt that can get dirty for Renaissance festival (and a bodice eventually, but not yet)
those cloaks I mentioned in the previous post
my fairy costume
a Victorian corset
a Teens gown
Victorian men's daywear for Brad

Wow, since I've been working for what seems like weeks getting Brad's doublet done, his breeches before that, and on my dresses, I wonder, what is there to do now.

I don't have to wonder very long.  Several things have been put on hold until fest was over with because I was busy.  I need to start working out, I need to start researching work on our mudroom because it is the future location of my craft room.  I need to find contractors, interview them, get ideas and prices.  I need to start working on my costume for the Masquerade Ball on Halloween.  I need to decorate for Halloween!  I need to start finding fabrics for crafts to be sold at the craftsale my employer puts on and Crystal and I will be sharing a table for.  I need to make time to make those crafts.  Also, I want to make a new dress for the VSA's Twelfth Night ball...I'm thinking of making a Teens gown because I have fabric and trim that are yelling at me for something to do, and I'd like to make a new Victorian corset before I make another Victorian gown. Hmm...I just thought of something.  Anyway, I'm itching to try something different and have been wanting a Teens gown for years anyway.

gotta run.