I got the chance to work on the bustle more on Tuesday night.  I worked on it for 3 hours more or less.  I cut the back piece out of a white sateen and then figured out where I should cut the patterned fabric for the back part that isn't under ruffles.  This may sound confusing, but I will take pictures of what I mean.  Then I put all the boning channels on.

I ordered buckram covered hoopsteel from Greenberg & Hammer on Monday, and I would be suprised if it wasn't waiting for me when I got home today!  I'm excited to see how this 2D stuff is going to morph into 3D! 

I got all the homework I had due tomorrow and Saturday done today, though I didn't like score I received on my assignment and don't know why I got the answer wrong...so I had to email my teacher and now I'm waiting for him to reply.  I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't hear back from him, but I will keep following up if I have to.

Anyway, because I got my homework done, I should be able to work on the bustle tonight, though I think I have several more hours of work to do, and won't get it all done tonight. 
*wonders where I can buy a ruffle foot and if I might already have one*

I have alot of ruffles to gather by hand if I don't use a foot...hmmm...

appoximate work time: 3 hours (also listed above)

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