I was able to *almost* finish the bustle...like really, really finish.  It needs a closure, and I'm not sure yet, but I probably will add that hem ruffle since with the boning in the whole thing poofs out, making it shorter!

I decided against taking the entire thing apart to fix a ruffle thanks to advice from a few friends.  It is afterall underwear, and I won't be showing them off often, if at all.

Because I ordered the plastic tips for my boning, the bones are too long.  The tips have  about a 3/4 inch tab on them so you can sew them into your garment (I'm guessing), so I'm going to try cutting off the plastic in some places and may need to shorten the bones too if they're still too long.  That will be the end of this project, hopefully pictures tomorrow!

Estimated work time: 5 hours

In other news...corset!  I made my first corset in 2006 before Costume College and the corset making class I took there.  I don't think my first shot at corsetry was very bad at all...so I'm thinking it may be acceptable for me to use this corset instead of making a new one...BUT at the same time, I'd like to make a new one.  I'm going to try the old one on tonight and check the fit though.  I don't know what kind of supplies I'll need for a new corset so I'll have to evaluate the stash and decide. 

In thinking "too bad this corset is pretty nice, but I want something prettier"...I came up with a plan for my first corset (which is made of a tan & taupe stripe fabric).  I could change the binding on it and possibly use it for Steampunk stuff!  I'm pretty excited that it may still be usable!

So, I suppose that means I have some corset making in my future.  I'm thinking of buying bone casings so I don't have to deal with sewing channels.  I wonder if I need more boning as well.  Hmm...

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