Ugh...and I'm afraid there will be at least a 5th edition as well!

I had time to take the extra eyelet I needed off the fabric it was attached to on Saturday, and last night I was able to work on the bustle more.  I cut the hoopsteel in the lengths I needed, so they are ready and waiting.

I also attached the top 4 ruffles and though its out of order for instructions, I'm starting to add the waistband so that I can adjust the hem if needed.  I'd adjust from the top instead of the bottom (especially in the front) because of the border around the skirt. 

I have the waistband pinned on right now, but am thinking I may move some gathers around because as it is they are all on the side front, and I probably need some extra room in the front front. 

So, I need to attach the waistband,  add the last two bone casings/hem, the closure, I think I have one more ruffle to cover the bustle part (but I think I'll skip the hem ruffle for now, I can always add it later), then just add the bones and try it out!


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