Yes, the creativity in Subject Line entries is just oozing.

Brad and I ran out for dinner last night and because we planned on stopping by the sewing store, we ate close by.  I was surprised that we were out for less than an hour because usually when we go out it takes us alot longer 3 times longer than that! 

We went to A-1Sew Craft in Champlin, a little town about 3 miles from where we live.  I was surpised to find the little store when we were house shopping and made a note stop in there.  Last night I got my chance.  I wanted a ruffler foot and though Hancock had them, I figured if I'd like to keep the little sewing store around I should give them a some of my business.  I'm glad I did because the gentleman in the store was very helpful, showed me how to attach the foot to the machine, gave me some pointers and even showed me how to use it.  I like Hancock, but I don't think they would have took the time, or had the knowledge to do the same.

The foot is SO COOL!  Wow!  I'm was surprised to learn there was such a thing, and even better that it works...I'm not sure if this is the foot my friend Debbie used to make the pleats on her pretty Victorian, but so far, with little frustration in getting started, it workes well at making pretty ruffles! 

So, I played with the ruffler for a little bit, then started working.  I figured I had so many lengths of fabric to cut for ruffles I should do that early in the evening, so I did.  I cut 8 in total, sewed them together and zigged one side.  The other side is going to have a bit of eyelet lace, so I left that edge raw until later. 

Later, because I am using an eyelet lace I bought a few years ago in a thrift shop.  The lace was attached to long lengths of gingham, one was navy blue & the other poopie brown. 
At some point I either wanted to use this trim on another project OR I had the foresight to start picking it off and did so when I had nothing else to do (I don't remember that period in my life :)) because I had a 6 yard length already cut away from the navy blue gingham.  I'm going to need all of this stuff, so I'm going to have to make time to get the rest of this stuff off the fabric. 

I'm giving myself points for this because I'm reusing something that could have been thrown away.  It ended up saving me money because I'm sure this eyelet would have sold for at least $1.50/yard and I bet I paid $3.00 for the whole 13ish yard lot, though there is a little brainless work involved with seperating it from it's former life.  I'm also giving myself points for the fact that everything in this bustle was in my stash!  Yay for using the stash for what it was intended for! Yay for making space in my stash containers!  Yah for working on projects!

Back to the recap, I cut the back brace piece, marked stars on the bustle back and back brace, turned under the top and bottom raw edges of back brace and that's about it.

estimated work time: 3 hours 

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