Ha!  I'm going to write about my thoughts on the Margo Anderson Gentleman's Breeches Pattern in case anyone wants to know, asks me later, and for my own reference.

That fly instruction is confusing...I guess it would help if I was familiar with flys and pant making, but these patterns should be intermediate sew-er friendly...I think I'll reference some sewing materials online or at home when I get a chance to figure out what I did, if I did anything, wrong. 

For more of my struggles with making a concealed button fly, read on...
The "notches" on the pattern are never really referred to except in a picture.  I'm not sure I put the cuts where they needed to go.  Also, some of the instructional illustrations are confusing, showing in one picture wrong sides of fabric together for a "buttonfold" then in the next illustration showing the outside of the buttonfold made with the "wrong side" of the fabric (indicated by it's grey color) on the outside!???!

I did the best I can as a lazyass without digging for my sewing books (which should be easily accessible in the bookshelves, but aren't! Ugh) and I think they turned out okay, but they're not exactly right and I'm not sure how that's going to affect the fit. 

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