:D  The "undergarments ahead" post from earlier made be think of boating speak for whatever reason :D

Thanks to undycat's post, I found a roll of boning and have placed an order for it and some additional supplies to restock my corset making stash!  Yay! But costuming sure is an expensive hobby!  I think I'll be asking for money from Santa this year to restock my cash stash :/

That and I'll try harder to use things up in my stash.

So, I have a package of goodies winging there way to me as I type.

Last night I started working on making the corset pattern and failed.  Brad helped me with measuring, and I did some of the math, but by the time I got upping the proportions I realized I didn't print the right size and that because it was so complicated to convert the slightly smaller than the orginal pattern measurements to the actual garment measurements, then to convert those to my measurements I feared chances were that I'd make some wrong calculations and it would just make a mess.  So instead of going forward, I fiddled with the image sizes and then went to bed. 

Hopefully I'll be in the mood to fiddle with ths stuff again tonight, so I can get the pattern made and the pieces sewn together...I'm going to try to borrow Jenny La Fleur's genius idea of boning held in place with masking tape for the mock up stage (I know this will probably only work on straight seams, but I might try taping spiral steel to see how it works out anyway).  If it works, it will save a lot of time!

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